Introduction to Japanese Traditional Reiki

One of the things that surprised me when my brother first taught me Reiki, many years ago, was how many different types of reiki there are. I suppose it shouldn’t surprise me by now that human beings are always expanding and arguing and that any school or movement or set of teachings is going to diverge into many branches, as it has with religions and schools of thought.

I feel lucky then to have discovered a Reiki teacher here in Australia who was running weekly practice sessions on the same street that I was working in Newtown – and that I connect with his philosophy of Reiki. Frans (and his wife Bronwen) questioned early on in their Reiki path why the hands-on healing seemed separate from a spiritual practice. Their research, study and exploration have lead them to the conclusion that the Reiki practised in Japan by its founder had many components, all of which aimed at spiritual health and development, a way of uncovering and nurturing the ‘Great white light’ that we are made of. The hands-on healing part is only a component, but it is what became known and popular in the West.

When I explain this to my clients, they understand immediately. As a healer, I can’t do work on them unless I have done work on myself. If all of the energy is focused outwards towards them, without having done spiritual development work myself, the package is incomplete (and I would argue the treatments will not be as strong).

I read an old post from the International House of Reiki, a transcript of a talk Frans gave in Washington in 2009, and it’s a great story of how Frans and Bronwen came to reiki, and came to want to explore and spread the idea of Japanese Traditional Reiki. I also like the concept or metaphor of us being made of Great Bright Light and that meditation and healing is all in the aims of uncovering that light that has gathered dust and obstructions in our daily lives.

Here’s the post!

In other news, I’ve not found a need for regular blogging on my website. Blogs used to be so much more popular, and also served as a way of showing one’s expertise and legitimacy, as well as making connections with readers. But these days of information overload, people use the Internet in a much different way. I don’t feel a need particularly to add to the writings out there, when there is such good stuff to be found already at the International House of Reiki website and elsewhere. What I sense is that if clients or potential clients drop by my site, they won’t want to spend much time reading about reiki, when it’s much better to experience a treatment in person! Still, I’ll blog occasionally… or repost links from IHR, just to make sure there’s a little new content on my website from time to time. Feel free to comment and ask questions, here or on my facebook page!


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