Reasons for Reiki

Many people are drawn to Reiki and find a treatment a positive experience.

Most people hear about reiki from friends or relatives who have had treatments or are even studying reiki, while others hear about reiki from a television show or movie or read an article.

Then they do a search for reiki in Sydney to find out what’s convenient for them and my website comes up!

The most common reasons for coming to reiki are to deal with anxiety, stress or depression, sometimes long-term, but more often caused by a situation: a negative situation at work, a difficult romantic or family relationship, getting over a broken heart, or something else negative that has happened. Some people are not sure of the reasons they are feeling bad, but want to do something about it. I think this is a very good thing: to recognise that you are feeling a certain way, and that you don’t want to feel that way and are doing something proactively to address it.

I’ve had clients come for a wide variety of reasons: after a car crash, wanting to become pregnant, going through a period of change or transformation, a bad boss, or just wanting to try out reiki to see what it’s like. I also have many clients who have experienced and enjoyed reiki treatments elsewhere and are looking for a great reiki practitioner in Sydney or Surry Hills.

As a little summary, some reasons that clients have come for a reiki treatment include:

  • Managing stress, anxiety and depression
  • Wanting to relax and feel more calm
  • Emotional problems and issues
  • Relaxation and managing stress
  • Feeling like something is wrong or blocked or imbalanced.
  • Exploring energy and healing treatments, trying something new
  • Moving further along a pathway of spiritual growth
  • Because they believe in it
  • Recurring health problems
  • Illness and injury
  • Positive events like an upcoming job interview
  • Negative events like a bad situation at work or the home
  • Treating insomnia and not being able to sleep
  • Specific health issues

The healing process, whether emotional, physical or mental, works in ways that can’t always be understood by the rational mind, nor conforming to our expectations and hopes. I find the least successful treatments to be when a client has a very specific desire or expectation: they want to feel exactly like they did the last time they had reiki, or they are hoping for better marks on an exam, or to recover from a very specific physical issue.

At the same time, some find that a treatment can bring feelings of peace or balance and even positive benefits for recent or recurring problems that lasts not just during the treatment but for many days afterwards.

Reiki is not meant to replace but to complement conventional medicine and therapy. For example, while I have had some clients come who are undergoing cancer treatment, they come to see if a treatment can help them feel better, not to replace treatments like chemotherapy and radiotherapy. If you’ve twisted your ankle or hurt your back, reiki might help, but I’d recommend first seeing a physiotherapist, chiropractor or osteopath. For fertility problems, while a reiki treatment might help you feel more relaxed, which could help in the overall picture for fertility, I’d recommend seeing a fertility specialist, an acupuncture specialist, a Chinese herbalist and your GP.