September feedback: ‘like I was on a cloud’.

I’ve had lots of interesting feedback from clients in September. I thought it would be useful to include pretty much something from everyone, so you can see the range of effects and that while some people had great treatments, a few people were also disappointed:


‘I actually feel a lot less overwhelmed with everything that’s going on at the moment. Post the session I’ve been able to let a few things go and have stopped worrying about certain things that I can’t control. Great outcome.’

‘I do feel the treatment is still working today, chi has increased & am on the mend.’

‘The treatment was great, thank you. I felt very “outside myself”‘.

Another client who had problems sleeping felt after a first treatment ‘very relaxed’ and had ‘a deeper cleep than usual’ but after the second treatment ‘didn’t sleep well at all’ and the treatment ‘didn’t seem to help my sleep like last time’.

‘All in all it was a super fantastic experience for me.  The days since have been the best I’ve felt since last year, so I have to attribute some of that to the Reiki.’

‘I did love the treatment – I felt lighter after the treatment and have been sleeping better’

‘I felt fine after the treatment. I haven’t really noticed a difference.’

‘I actually felt a shift almost straight away. Overall I felt more calm and clear and also more love and understanding…I think I’ve been a lot less reactive and I’m paying close attention to my thoughts and feelings.’

‘I may come back for a future session – it was enjoyable but i’m not sure of the benefits yet.’

‘Walking out of your apartment I definitely felt lighter, it was a bit like I was on a cloud.’

Another client wrote ‘after my first session I felt quite clear minded and calm’ but the reported ‘my rest of the week wasn’t too good’.

‘It was the most amazing experience, you’ve worked wonders! Pre-reiki i was all sorts of anxious and wasn’t really coping. Now i’m feeling much more level headed and able to accomplish tasks in my day to day routine, i feel much more centered and calm! i look forward to my next appointment.’


I guess the important thing here is to note the range of experiences, and that a reiki treatment may not always provide what is expected or hoped for, but that it can also provide clients with really positive results that last longer than just during the treatment itself.

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