Stepping back to life: Reiki Surry Hills is open again

What a strange, long period. Being closed for reiki for over four months is the longest period since 2016, when I was in Paris for three months. I missed it. I missed the regular, daily experience of being in the healing space of reiki and being with you, my clients. I did try to keep up with my meditation and chanting, and I did a handful of remote reiki treatments (which I’ll blog about sometime), but I admit it wasn’t very regular. I also decided that I wouldn’t blog or promote Reiki Surry Hills while shut down. I personally dislike when I see something advertised that I can’t get! So, this is the first blog post in over four months. I’ll try to do a newsletter

I’ve been open now since Monday, 11 October. It’s been a nice, gradual re-entry, where I’ve seen clients quite steadily but it’s not been too busy. I’ve asked all my clients to read the COVID-safe guidelines before coming, and that’s worked fine. Two clients so far were reminded by them that we’re not allowed to receive clients who have not been double-vaccinated, and had to cancel their appointments. It looks like Sydney will be freer for those without vaccinations in about a month from now, according to the news.

I’ve been impressed by friends and clients alike at how everyone has managed with being locked down for this long period. In general, people have used the opportunity to discover the good things from a quieter and slower life, and in terms of inconveniences and problems, have managed to deal with them to the best of their capabilities. I think people are being honest in recognising what stress they’ve had to be under, and are generally being kind to themselves, and just getting on with life. I think this period now is an interesting one as we re-enter into the world to see what we’ve learned and how the world’s changed and how we can continue to take care of ourselves as much as we can.

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