Reiki for friends and family (and treatment #700)

Approaching my 700th official treatment since 2011, when I started recording them, I thought it would be nice to give the 700th treatment to my husband (above, gamely being the model for my Bookwell photos). So, it worked out for both of us in our schedules, and I’ve hit treatment number 700!

It made me think about giving treatments to friends and family. I think that when people start learning reiki, that’s who they practise on, but doing reiki as a business and vocation, I often forget to make sure that I’m giving or offering a treatment to Stevie, the most important person in my life! And while I offered friends treatments when I was starting, I don’t do it often enough now. And I should: to introduce them to reiki or for a treat.

So, reiki practitioners, don’t forget to treat your friends and loved ones! And friends of mine, don’t be shy if you’ve never had a reiki treatment to ask for one.

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