Here are some comments from clients from my Truelocal and Facebook pages and sent to me directly:

‘I loved it. For two days after my treatment, I felt I was on a natural high. I had the ability to block out negative thoughts and vibes from others. My overall being was at peace.’

‘I honestly still feel the best I have felt in years, I’m lost for words at just how good that whole experience was.’

‘I felt fantastic… so calm. Something I haven’t felt in a very long time’

‘The experience was amazing… I feel more connected with myself.’

‘In terms of my confidence and negative thoughts I did feel like something left me that day (only way I can describe it) that I let go’

‘I am coming from dealing with long-term issues in my life. It was hard all those years to take a decision and this treatment is helping me to focus more in what it is more important to decide..’

‘I really felt a shift after the Reiki, that same evening and felt the heaviness and confusion start to lift and I cried and cried but it felt like I needed to!Then in the days after I felt much better and was inspired to follow a new career path which has got me really excited. Thinking about moving towards that has given me lots of confidence and energy, and I’m starting to plan how to make it happen…The session really helped me to get everything on track, to get me unstuck, and see clearly again…It’s amazing how it works, it seems to have a powerful effect on me!’

‘Reiki was new to me before Andy’s treatment. I wasn’t sure what to expect. The experience was deeply relaxing and had an effect on me for quite a few days afterwards. Andy’s manner is relaxed, professional and comforting. I would recommend the treatment to anyone who may be considering a massage as I found the Reiki treatment more relaxing than a massage.’

‘I heard about this practitioner through a good friend who convinced me to give it a try. Being somewhat of a skeptic I didn’t have high hopes but I have to say I came away from it rejuvenated and well, converted. Extremely relaxing environment and he clearly has some kind of healing thing going on!! Highly recommended.’

‘I genuinely enjoyed Andy’s treatment and felt a healing transmitted. I didn’t go for a specific complaint, but I’ve felt an inner gentleness and calmness in the days since the treatment everything seems smoother and easier. I think Andy is a very skilled, very deep and intuitive practitioner. Very grounded in his practise, but keen not to overwhelm with jargon, content to just let the experience mostly speak for itself. If you’re looking for an energy worker, I recommend Andy without hesitation.’

‘Before I arrived I had a pain in my stomach from constipation, which was making me uncomfortable and anxious. After the session, the pain completely disappeared and the stress in my stomach was less evident. I felt very light, peaceful and happy, which carried over to the next day. Thank you so much, you have very special healing hands.’ – N.

Here are comments from three reiki clients in March 2013, the day after their treatments: ‘I feel really relaxed which is great’; ‘I feel great and I’ve had a very clear mind’; and ‘The treatment was really wonderful – I felt very relaxed and light afterwards.’

‘I have now had three Reiki sessions with Andy Quan. I went into the first session with no particular belief but with an open mind and an expectation that at the very least I would be experiencing some needed relaxation. After the first session I realised that the pain and limp from a “hip” condition I had experienced for years had ceased completely. The second session a month later placed me in the most profound relaxed state I have ever experienced. And at present after my third monthly session the problem with my hip has not returned. I will continue with monthly sessions. I would encourage anyone wanting to investigate Reiki to put themselves in/or under Andy Quan’s skilled and gentle hands.’ – D.

‘The session really helped release some of the stress and I did find I had a great sleep that night. After the session, going back into work, I did find I had a clearer mind and seemed to really enjoy the rest of the day.’ – Aleen

‘Oh em geee! My life will forever be blessed by this treatment and experience. Something out of this world happens through this master of whatever it is that he does. I will personally send every person that I know and meet to Andy. Since my session I can not explain the heartfelt gratitude that I feel for everything in my life and the visions that I had in my session will stay with me forever. I sent my friend there, and we cried all the way home in the uber and we are not even sure why. They were tears of relief and it was such a gift to us to be healed by such a talented and humble man. Yes I realise it was reiki but I feel that it is something more.

‘I found it really interesting how I felt wide awake the whole time, but my mind, rather than racing (which it normally does) was very purposefully moving from challenge to challenge, and creating ways in which to solve them.  I felt very focused and calm during this process.’ – Lou


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