Reiki Surry Hills in the news!

I’m very happy that Reiki Surry Hills has been featured in an article in the Femail section of the Australian edition of the MailOnline. The MailOnline is the online version of Britain’s Daily Mail, and is the most visited English-language newspaper website in the world! It has homepages for the UK, USA, India and Australia. Check out the article here:

Is natural energy healing the secret to relieving stress for good? I tried Reiki for the first time – with surprising results

It came about when a wonderful Irish journalist named Alice Murphy put out a request to come for three reiki treatments and then write about it. While originally the article was meant to be matched with another story about another form of energy healing, that one got delayed, so I get a whole feature article myself!

I think it’s great, clearly written and features Reiki Surry Hills nicely. I like that the article is just a straightforward look at her experiences. She sets out the possible problem, and how she felt before, and then, along with a useful overall explanation of reiki, she talks about how she felt after the treatment. Some of my reviews are included from the website, a photo of me, and my husband even sneaks into the article (posing as a client).

I’m curious how many more treatments this will translate into, though this week (the article was first posted in the wee hours of the morning on Sunday), I have had a lot of bookings and as of the Friday, the page says there have been 1,200 shares!

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