The cost of a treatment

If you book through my online booking service, Bookwell, and/or pay with a credit card, the 50 minute treatment is $85, though getting you settled in and talking before and after the session will mean the full session will be over an hour.

I  have one of those nifty “Square” devices which take credit and debit card payments. Occasionally, a client will prefer to make a bank transfer on-the-spot through their phone or in advance. Others prefer to pay in advance by credit card through the Bookwell appointment service.

If you make a booking directly with me by email or text and pay in cash, the cost for the treatment is $80. It’s hard enough for clients these days to find cash, and I think it would be harder to find a $5 bill. And recognising that I don’t have to pay the booking fee and credit card fees, I can offer a small discount.

If you cancel, reschedule or don’t show up without more than an hour’s notice, I request a fee of $20. A no show costs me: I will have spent time setting up the room for the appointment and will have blocked off my calendar when someone else could have booked in instead. Thanks for understanding.

If you can’t afford the $85 for the treatments, I offer a concession rate of $60 to students, pensioners and those who need a little help at the moment, though you need to arrange this with me in advance, not book automatically through the Bookwell service, and pay in cash.

I believe that I am one of the most affordable reiki treatments in Sydney. When I started giving treatments, some 10 years ago, I charged $60 and then went up to $75 and then it’s been $80 for a long time. As of 1 June 2021, I think a rise to $85 is fair. Some practitioners charge over $100 per treatment or more. And since COVID-19, the requests for the concession rate have been much more frequent, so getting a little bit more from my regular clients helps me to continue to offer the special rate for those who need it.