My teachers

My first teacher of reiki was my brother, Walter Quan, who has trained in reiki (and taught) for a very long time. He has an extensive collection of books on reiki and is based in Victoria, B.C., Canada. I’m grateful to him for introducing me to reiki which forms the base of my spiritual practice and has allowed me to be a reiki practitioner, giving treatments to people in need (or just interested) and getting to meet so many interesting and beautiful people. Visit his website here!

In 2004, soon after being initiated into level 3 reiki by Walter, I discovered the International House of Reiki, which was conveniently located a five-minute walk away from where I was working in Newtown in Sydney. Frans Stiene led weekly ‘reiki shares’ where his students could meditate and practise reiki. It was a great gift to have the opportunity to practise reiki weekly, and work with so many different people (and so many different energies). In September 2011, I did level 3 reiki with Frans, which in the Japanese tradition in called ‘shinpiden’ and since then have done okuden (level 1) and shoden (level 2) with Frans, and did shinpiden again (and shoden again). I learn something new every time, and the teaching is also about being with Frans, not just learning a specific curriculum.

Frans and his ex-wife Bronwen Logan also founded the Shibumi International Reiki Association, a non-profit professional association which aims to support and promote Reiki that focuses on the Japanese origins of the system. It brings together Reiki practitioners from all walks of life and from multitudes of countries.

In fact, as I don’t teach reiki, I recommend anyone interested to study with IHR if you get the chance. Frans now lives in Holland but does return to teach from time to time, and Bronwen teaches regularly at Mount Tomah in the Blue Mountains, a beautiful location. I also have recommendations for other teachers, in Sydney, Cairns and Melbourne: just ask me.

Frans travels around the world giving classes. He’s considered one of the world’s authorities on reiki and I’d bet one of the best teachers. He mostly teaches to those who are already practising reiki and are teachers or practitioners themselves. I feel lucky to be able to have Frans as my teacher.

It’s also nice that my two teachers know each other and are friends. Walter has attended Frans’s classes in Victoria, B.C. and even in Seattle and Hawaii. Sometimes we zoom into the same Virtual Practice Evenings that Frans hosts, and I’m sure we’re the only siblings who do this!

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