About me


I’m Andy. I’ve been giving reiki treatments since October 2011 from my apartment in Surry Hills, Sydney. I was born in Vancouver, Canada, and my background is Cantonese (Chinese), not Japanese, as some clients wonder. I also have my Australian citizenship, and have lived in Sydney now for well over a third of my life.

My brother introduced me to reiki; he’s been a teacher and practitioner for many years, but I really became more dedicated to it after meeting my teacher Frans Stiene. After doing many weekly practice sessions with him, and some courses, and moving into an apartment with a spare room that I could use for treatments, I decided to offer reiki treatments.

It’s not my full-time job; I also work as a freelance editor, mostly on policy reports. So, it’s a good balance for me to be able to give a treatment or two a day, as a break from my other activity, and reiki doesn’t feel like ‘work’ but as a service that I can offer, where I get to enjoy the healing quiet, and at the same time hopefully allow my clients to feel better.

I think a reiki treatment is about YOU, not about me. But I do understand that some potential clients will want to know a little bit about me before coming. And I understand that some people might be nervous coming to a stranger’s house so I hope you’ll get to know me enough to know if you’ll feel comfortable and open for a treatment. I’ve also found it important to have a photo of me up on my website as some clients can get a feel for me and my practice, and know that I’m right for them, or if perhaps if they like another practitioner’s energy better.

If you have any questions, ask. Otherwise, I hope to see you sometime for a treatment!