Latest reviews of Reiki Surry Hills

I feel pretty happy when I get good feedback, both for my clients, to know that reiki was useful, and for me, to know I could help out!

I’ve been a bit lax in terms of blogging so far in 2017! But then again, it’s not bad to be both relaxed… and to not be too hard on oneself!

I’ve had some great feedback from clients this year so far.

Here is some of the feedback that I’ve received recently:

‘I loved it. For two days after my treatment, I felt I was on a natural high. I had the ability to block out negative thoughts and vibes from others. My overall being was at peace.’

‘I honestly still feel the best I have felt in years, I’m lost for words at just how good that whole experience was.’

‘I felt fantastic… so calm. Something I haven’t felt in a very long time’

‘The experience was amazing… I feel more connected with myself.’

‘In terms of my confidence and negative thoughts I did feel like something left me that day (only way I can describe it) that I let go’

‘I am coming from dealing with long-term issues in my life. It was hard all those years to take a decision and this treatment is helping me to focus more in what it is more important to decide..’

I also had these two amazing reviews left on my Facebook page:

‘Amazing experience and so happy that I received relief immediately after the treatment as I was suffering from stress related painful migraines. I feel so relaxed, happy and completely zen, balanced and recharged.’

‘When I woke up the day after my reiki session with Andy, I felt like all my negative thoughts and emotions were millions of miles away and I was able to finally let things go. It would be an understatement to say it was amazing… It was absolutely wonderful…’

As you can tell, it’s an interesting mix of feedback. Some of it is about just feeling more relaxed, some about letting go of negativity, some of it about achieving more clarity.

In the interest of fairness, I also heard from a few clients who felt more anxious, emotional or physically drained the next day, but then it smoothed out the day after… and another client who felt ‘the same, not much difference’.

It’s also true that those who don’t find their treatment as effective may be less likely to give me feedback (although some people could have fantastic results and also not give feedback). But in general, I’m happy to hear great results from many clients!

If you recognise your words above, thanks for them and I hope you don’t mind that I’ve reposted the reviews without names! Let me know if you don’t want it here, or if you’d like to put your name with the feedback. THANK YOU.


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