Gentle, general healing (vs specific blockages)

A client forwarded me a video by Abraham and Esther Hicks. I’ve some mixed feelings about what I know of their work. It was basically stolen from them and made into the best-selling book, ‘The Secret’, and while I think that setting an intent is a good idea, both ‘The Secret’ and the work of the Hicks seems to imply a much stronger link. Ask for what you want and you’ll get it. Like the very popular work of Louise Hay, who specifically links disease to emotions and past trauma, I think these writers and thinkers need to be challenged.

On the other hand, I found this video quite interesting and helpful.

It’s 15-minutes long so I think most people won’t have the specific interest and the time to watch it, so let me give you a summary: a reiki healer is worried when her clients ask her to clear specific blockages. She’s confused about the way that other healers talk about these blocks. She’s worried that she can’t feel them (I think this is what she is saying).

The answer from the Hicks really matches what I believe, and then goes further. They say that the energy that all energy healers work with is the same, it’s the ‘source’ energy. They say, as energy healers, we are not beaming energy from us into a client. We are creating a healing space, and allowing the energy of our clients to be in touch with our energy, which, through our practices and meditation, is closer to ‘the source’. The aim is not to feel blocks or diagnose, but create ‘a more allowing state’ for that energy to flow.

They said that when people feel they are out of balance or have blockages, they have already set the intention to feel better; they know what needs to be fixed; and are working on that practice on their own. The ‘source is on the case’. So, if they can’t solve the problem on their own, if ‘source’ can’t do it, then a healer won’t be able to either. They say that there is a possiblity that if the client is really correct about what needs fixing, and the healer focuses energy towards this, that this specific practice could work.

But the Hicks say being general is better. To provide gentle, general and genuine healing, it is not about projecting ‘blockages’ or focusing on them. It is better to say something like, ‘I don’t have absolute knowledge of the energy that is flowing, but I can feel it.’ We don’t have to figure out what that energy is, or what it is doing. The energy holds the intelligence to know what needs to be done. Our work is to allow the energy to flow as this energy always helps.

What the Hicks say in the video really does match what I’ve been taught my Frans Stiene, my teacher, and what I believe. I just don’t think it’s helpful to believe that we have blockages and imbalances, and especially for other healers to tell people their heart chakra or head chakra is blocked. We know when we’re feeling bad, and there are lots of reasons for it. Working too hard. A difficult relationship. Not eating right. An injury. Feeling lonely. All of these things we can work on, in different ways. But who knows how to ‘remove a block from a heart chakra’?

If you come to a reiki treatment for your chakras to be cleansed or for your energy to be balanced, isn’t it simply saying that you want to feel better, to be more closely in touch with yourself and your core energy? As I always tell clients, the more specific problem you have, the more difficult it might be to solve. But will a treatment generally make you feel better, and give you some space to relax and reflect? Yes, I think it will.

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