Reiki fixes knees!

The first time that one of my reiki treatments fixed a knee problem was for a client who came in to try reiki in general, to see what would happen, and not for anything specific. She certainly hadn’t planned to fix her knee, which she’d hurt only a day or two before at a picnic with friends. Still, she was hobbling a bit when she arrived.

As soon as the treatment finished, she got off the table and said, excitedly, ‘my knee feels better’ and started to walk quickly back and forth in the room, too quickly, I thought! Slow down, we don’t want to push our luck!

Another client, I only heard about four months after the treatment, when she sent her partner for a session. He told me that reiki had, surprisingly, fixed a long-term knee issue. She wrote to me that:

‘I was really surprised. I had a bad knee before I got the reiki done and when you went over my knees, I felt lots of energy and sad emotions which then continued for the rest of the session. I noticed though the next day in work, my knees weren’t sore anymore and then in yoga I could do poses that I used to not be able to do. It’s crazy how it just was fixed, I had been to an osteopath about it and he said my hips are out of line and I had tight hamstrings and it was affecting my knee. So the pain was a physical thing so I’m baffled that the reiki cured it but very happy about it!’

And then another client wrote just recently, three weeks after her treatment:

‘One really interesting thing to note is that I used to have recurring pain in my right knee during to a horse riding incident, which would make itself known throughout the day and was considerably worse in winter. The reason for this pain, such as maybe a torn ligament or something, never really came up in any x-rays or ultrasounds but since this reiki treatment, this pain has completely disappeared! I noticed the day after the treatment that there was no trace of any pain whatsoever. However, I was curious to see how long it would last and whether the pain would come back, but it’s now been over 3 weeks and the pain has completely gone. I have no doubt in my mind that this healing was because of reiki. It was pretty astonishing! Before reiki, I couldn’t do simple activities such as pick something up from the ground or sit cross-legged without feeling the pain in my right knee and now I don’t even have to think twice about this! Thank you so much!’

My conclusion: reiki can fix knee problems! It’s not something that could be guaranteed, but maybe it’s worth a try. Thanks to my clients for letting me use their words above.

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