A reiki fan

Are you a fan of reiki? Well, this post might not be for you, as it’s actually about the fan in my reiki room? Why?

Well, it’s never failed to surprise me how many clients comment on the fan. After the lanterns in the hallway (which I should write about sometime too), clients always make mention of it.

I have a good story about it though. We knew we needed some fans for the apartment: Sydney gets so hot! The lower level of our apartment doesn’t have a lot of cross-ventilation either. I did a bit of online research and found the fan of my dreams. By the colourfully named company Big Ass Fans, I find the Haiku fans really, really beautiful. But the first price tag I saw on their website said, ‘starting at $2,000’, which is a lot of reiki treatments.

What we did instead was go to a local lighting and fan store, Beacon Lights, and looked up and managed to find one fan which looks pretty much like the Haiku. Not exactly the same, but pretty nice, as evidenced by all the praise I get from clients.

The designer, George Kovacs, called it the Artemis. He opened up a small store in Manhattan, focused on lights, and passed away in 2007. He mostly designed lights, but the design for the Artemis was recognised as significant enough to earn a place in the Chicago Museum of Architecture and Design.

If you’re ever in the market for a nice ceiling fan, you can find it here. As of April 2019, it seems to be on sale for $620 … which is a lot cheaper than ‘starting at $2000’.

It keeps us nice and cool during a treatment, and I believe that the more a client feels comfortable in a space, and happy to be there, because of the comfort, feeling or beauty of the space, the better the healing will be.

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