A review from a first-time client: Reiki Surry Hills

Here’s a nice review from a first-time reiki client:

I really liked my first Reiki session. It made me feel so calm, relaxed and lighter during the session and even after.

I had a very deep sleep that night and woke up feeling quite rejuvenated.

To be honest, I’m not sure if I could feel its effect after day 2 but I’m still amazed with the overall experience.

As I’d explained, how long you feel the effects of the treatment is quite variable (and varies between session and person). Some people only feel the effects during the treatment (hopefully a positive feeling of how the energy is moving around, and usually feeling deeply relaxed). Others feel the effects for the rest of the day or into the next day. Some people seem to feel the effects into the next few days, or the treatment is the marker of a turning point, getting past a bad issue or the start of healing.

As I mentioned in one of my other blog posts, there’s also the phenomenon I’ve noticed lately that is happening with a big minority of clients (maybe one-third!) where they have a period after the treatment of feeling either run-down or tired or more emotional. All that energy stirred up can take a while for the body to adjust. But then, happily, afterwards, they feel better than before.


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