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It is always a pleasure to share my reviews with you. I think it’s important to give potential clients a sense and feel of what they may experience, and whether I might be right for them. My great thanks to all my clients who have taken the time to leave me a review.

On Google Listings, I currently have 81 reviews with an average of a 5-star rating.

Actually, reading over the latest, I’m feeling a bit emotional that these clients had such good experiences and shared them with you. I’ll just go and have a little happy cry in the corner now…

🌟 Prakritee Ranjit said:
My first reiki experience was wonderful thanks to Andy.

🌟 gabriella colombo said:
The session was beautifully conducted by Andy, who clearly knows what he is doing and did it very well. The room was calm and relaxing and he offered me some tea, which was very nice. During the session I felt the energy very intensely filling up my body and bringing me messages from my guides. Would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a deep encounter with your true inner self.

🌟 Reni Damayanti said:
First experience I had for Reiki Healing was very good. It helped me through the spiritual awakening journey. After the session I felt so peace and calm, it also helped me to focus on my meditation as well. Andy is extremely professional and very polite. Prior to the healing session begins Andy provided me with hot tea and also discussions what brought me there. The place itself it’s very calming peace and quiet. I highly recommend this place, will definitely come back. Thank you for the amazing service x

🌟 J Riley said:
An excellent experience. Andy is gentle, kind and intelligent. The studio is relaxing and serene. Highly recommended.

🌟 Tiffany Laroche said:
The place is really sweet and relaxing, Andy is attentive and kind, a really good Reiki session! Just give it a shot you’ll be convinced!

🌟  Helena Massey said:
I highly recommend seeing Andy for a reiki session. This was my first reiki session and I felt it had a significant impact on me, deeply grounding and relaxing and I felt more aligned within my self all week. Andy creates a really beautiful and calming space and is very professional and attentive. I also think his pricing is very affordable for such a high standard of care and skill.

🌟 Michele Santos said:
A delightful first time Reiki experience. I’m really glad to have found Andy in my local area. The space was cool, calming and thoughtful. I felt comfortable and at ease during the treatment and at the end I felt more alive, happy and centered. For anyone stuck in the mud or feeling blocked, I totally recommend booking a session with Andy. I’m in!

🌟 Sophia H said:
Although I had no energy blockages within me, I walked away feeling more aligned – it helped me manage my rumination. It’s been almost a week and I can definitely say it’s an experience worth returning to as that good after- feeling of inner peace does sustain itself. Thanks Andy.

🌟 Ken Reid said:
Andy did such a remarkable job of helping me to not only feel relaxed but to also clear out a lot of rumination I was experiencing. I’m very grateful to have had this experience.

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