Panic Attacks!

Clients come for reiki for all reasons, but recently a client came because she’d been suffering panic attacks. I had to admit that it’s not something that I was familiar with, but boy, did it sound terrible: the physical reaction and anxiety and sometimes feeling almost out of one’s body completely.

By coincidence (or was it?), a friend came for dinner that night. I mentioned the panic attacks and she said that she had had them in the past too, and that she found a video very useful from Dr Bill Pettit.

In the video, Dr Pettit describes that panic attacks are physical reactions, and that they can pass, or get worse if you allow your body to react to it. If you can notice what’s happening, then most of the attack will pass within five minutes. He says, ‘try not to feed it’.

The other interesting and useful thing is that he says ‘a panic attack is your friend’. It’s actually letting you know how you’re feeling and allowing you to examine your thoughts.

So, if one is coming on, then try to notice what’s happening, find a behaviour to not exacerbate the attack, and then ride it out.

My client found the video very useful indeed, and what’s more, after the reiki treatment, she hasn’t been having attacks anymore, and is very happy about it. She said, ‘I’m just so amazed by this.’

I’m not an expert in panic attacks but this really did feel like useful information to share.

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