Reiki and Pop Sugar

I gave a reiki treatment to an editor and journalist from the website Popsugar, which they call ‘women’s lifestyle media’.

The main focus is on entertainment and gossip, but they also include lifestyle items, i.e. health and beauty.

Alison was lovely, and with a stressful job, was the perfect person to experience reiki.

It was actually part of a series where she tried different ways to slow down and deal with stress.

You can read the whole series, ‘The POPSUGAR Diaries: Alison Seeks the Motivation to… Slow Down’.

Her description of her visit to Reiki Surry Hills is here.

But I’ll quote it here too!

‘I went to see Andy Quan at Reiki Surry Hills and I must admit, I was a bit nervous. He talked me through process and although I didn’t have to do anything other than welcome the energy, I was a it worried I wouldn’t be able to switch off (a big challenge for me).

Our session went for 50 minutes but I only felt like I was out for 15 minutes, it was quite surreal. I woke up feeling like I’d slept for a year. When I say “out”, I don’t mean asleep. I was fully aware of Andy’s palms hovering above different sections of my body, but I kind of felt like I was floating.

He assured me he was helping spread my own energy where it needed to go, and move me into a state of deep relaxation. I must admit I haven’t felt so calm a very long time, and I’d go back for that feeling alone. Reiki is also used to treat and heal different illnesses and ailments, something to note if you’re having back problems or the like.’

Nice, huh?


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