Reiki didn’t work!




As you’ve seen, I often post the very positive reviews that I receive from clients.

But have I posted any of the negative feedback? Not until today.

One client came with a strained lower back and butt, so painful that it was hard for him to sit down. His friend had had success with reiki for two physical issues, so he was convinced to come try it. But a few days after the treatment when I asked if the treatment helped, he replied:

‘No, mate. No difference whatsoever’.

Another client has had real problems with energy lately, and we were hoping that a reiki treatment might give him a lift. But a few days after the treatment, he said:

‘I’m still pretty low on energy.  Meh.’

I think in November of last year, a client came for some long-term issues of anxiety but reported after:

‘Unfortunately, I really don’t feel a difference.’

And before that, someone who was fighting flu-like symptoms and some sore body parts:

‘ Unfortunately I feel no better or worse than on Thursday. Everything remains about the same without going anywhere.’

I think most marketers would think it’s a bad idea to post one’s negative reviews, but I think it’s useful to present a balance to the positive reviews.

There are many reasons why a reiki treatment might not help someone. It might not be the right kind of treatment for them. It might help them but in ways too subtle to notice.

The particular issue may need more help than one treatment can give. For example, for physical issues like a bad back or a muscle sprain, I’d recommend going to a good physiotherapist, for example, the great team at Active Physiotherapy in Newtown. For long-term mental health and well-being issues, I’ve been recommending lately for people to check out the Indigo Project. For serious health issues, I’d want to make sure that clients are seeing their doctors, and using reiki to complement other medicine, treatments and therapy.

I also think that clients have more success when their intentions are broad (wanting to feel more relaxed or calm, or to develop their spirituality) rather than specific (to fix a cold, to get pregnant). Then again, some clients have come in to address specific emotional issues, and have come away with resolution and resolve.

I’m lucky and hear back from probably over half of my clients. Of those who don’t write in, I’m not sure whether some of them might have not been happy with the resuts, or whether they are too busy to reply (or my followup email goes to their spam). All of these are possible and likely options.

In any case, my message for you is that your reiki treatment may not work. But then again, maybe it will!

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