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I always find it interesting and useful to hear back from clients, and I think it’s a good thing to be able to share this with you. It gives people an idea of what they might experience or moreso the different range of experiences, and everyone has different sensations and outcomes from treatments, and individuals might have different experiences from each treatment!

A few clients report only positive experiences. One client reported recently that after she left the treatment:

“I felt peace. Peace during all the rest of the day and next day as well. I could say that it helped me to be balanced. That peace is found today as well, and It helps me to not rush into things, and to be patient with myself, time and cycles.”

Another client said he got “exactly what I needed from the last reiki session. It cleared my mind from the troubles I had.”

Other clients report some negative feelings, sometimes after positive ones, but accepting that this is part of the healing process. One reported being on a “big high on the day” of the treatment, but needing to deal with “really strong emotions” the next day.

Another client felt emotional, really tired, unmotivated and drained! But she also believed that these were energies, following the treatment, that she needed to go through, and that she’ll definitely have another reiki session at some time.

And another client had a really interesting experience during the treatment, feeling the different kinds of energy throughout his body, but then felt afterwards a mild headache and sluggish before feeling better the next day.

I had two interesting reports from clients about physical issues. One is a regular client, and for the first time, during the treatment and after, she felt immense pain at her knee. Even though she had had minor problems with her knee before, it wasn’t so painful (and she hadn’t come to reiki for her knee problem). After the treatment, with the pain continuing, she went to her doctor who diagnosed that she had torn her meniscus and needed surgery. So, while it wasn’t pleasant, it seems like the treatment allowed her inner light to be brighter and shine a light on this problem so that it could get fixed. Reiki couldn’t repair her meniscus but it did push her towards action that was needed.

Another client came specifically because of long-term hip issues. For at least two days afterwards, his hips felt worse. I’m not sure if he’s found a solution, but I would guess that the same thing happened. The treatment was pointing out an issue that needs to be solved. Healing isn’t always relaxing and pleasant. I hope he can find some way to resolve the issues!

Finally, I thought I would report on another long-term client, who has been coming for the last 10 months, about every 3 weeks. Coming for a first treatment in the midst of much personal turmoil and problems, and not something that was going to be easily or quickly resolved, she found that the treatments helped her, on a regular basis to deal with the stress of the situation. She often receives messages during the treatments, phrases or words that give her strength or reassurance. She described at her last treatment feeling more grounded and less frantic, and I’ve seen it too, a wonderful progression to being happier and calmer (particularly as the situation resolved).

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