A client describes her treatment

Natasha came for a treatment with Reiki Surry Hills in March 2013, and had a particularly powerful experience, which she’s allowed me to share with you here.

‘During reiki, it felt very powerful. I felt very relaxed and it felt like I was sleeping sometimes, because I could hear myself snoring. At times, I saw colours, like a kaleidoscope and I had lots of visions.

When you were at my feet, I could feel energy coursing through me. I had some small pains, in my left ear and at the front of my right shoulder. Afterwards, it felt as if I was made of a completely different material.

One of the things that I was hoping that reiki would address is that I’ve lost some sensation in my feet lately. I can knock my foot and it will take time to feel anything. After the session, I could feel sensation coming back to the area of my feet. The first day after the session I could occasionally feel a light pain in the certain spots on my body – one spot in the middle of the left knee, and another in the middle of right foot.

The treatment was very successful and beneficial at so many levels. I noticed that afterwards, I was more energised but also more serene and grounded since the treatment. It was very obvious because over the last two days, I have been in intensive professional training, a  situation that usually triggers my anxiety and social phobia. I have noticed that my response has been much better than usual – I was focused, relaxed, receptive and very sociable, which is, I am sure, a result of the session.

My main goal is to learn how to be at peace and balance with myself, and my intuition tells me that reiki is good way of achieving it. You’ve definitely got a follower and admirer in me.

One more thing – I was in some special state of mind after the treatment, as if I had just woken up or come out of meditation. So, I was not quite “on earth” yet. I didn’t notice the glass door at the exit from the building and hit my head against it. It was painful and awakening!’

As a note from me, sometimes reiki can bring up sensations (or small pains) that are uncomfortable during or after the session, but I believe this is something in the end healthy, as the negative sensation arises and works its way out of the body.

Thank you Natasha for letting me share your experience!


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