A brief shutdown: COVID-19

A forest in Abruzzo, Italy.

What a strange world. I’ve never lived through a global pandemic where access to information is immediate. So, we’re living in a health crisis where our friends and family, around the world, are being simultaneously affected. Workplaces and schools are being shut down. Events, flights and holidays are being cancelled. New developments are happening not only a weekly or daily basis, but every few hours.

So, it’s been interesting for me to observe what’s happening and think about how to apply it to Reiki Surry Hills. While I’m hoping that with 300 cases currently, Australia has some control over COVID-19, this is not for certain. Friends on Facebook, many of them health professionals and those who work on social and economic policy, are coming together in consensus that as much social distancing as possible is needed, and non-essential social contacts should be avoided.

This is in the face of unknown risk, that even if incidence of COVID-19 may be minimal, it is best practice and shows community responsibility for us all to do our part right now.

So, for now:

  • As reiki treatments involve prolonged contact in close quarters between myself and a client
  • I don’t have the expertise or desire to interrogate clients that I don’t know about whether they have been at risk of COVID-19
  • While I like to think Reiki is essential, in the bigger picture, it is not.

… I think it’s a wise decision for now, for me, for you and for the community, for Reiki Surry Hills to go on a little break, hopefully only temporarily. Right now, I’ve blocked off appointments until the end of March but I’ll keep monitoring the situation and make decisions according to the information that I have.

So, apologies if you’re trying to get an appointment. I hope to give you a treatment on the other side of this!

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