This is my front door


This is the front door to my apartment building.

If you’re trying to find me for an appointment, this photo might help! You see, the complicated issue is that the building’s address is on Ann Street, but the entrance to the building is all the way around at the back, so it’s actually in a small street (I think of it more as a lane) called Mackey Street.

The other problem is that while the building entrance is near the intersection of Little Riley Street and Mackey Street, there are two parts of Little Riley Street. It stops at the park, the Frog Hollow Reserve, and continues on the OTHER side of Albion Street. And Mackey Street has two parts. There’s the part between Smith Street and Little Riley, and then it completely stops, interrupted by a large apartment building complex, and then it continues for a short stretch above Riley Street.

So I certainly understand why clients get lost, especially if they are unfamiliar with Surry Hills, with its warren of small streets and lanes.

It’s been an adventure to discover how to direct new clients to find me. Every time someone got lost, I’d try to refine the instructions a little more. This is what I currently say:

‘It’s easiest to find me by using Google Maps. Find 36 Mackey Street in Surry Hills and the entrance to my building is right ACROSS from it in the grey, concrete building marked 50-54 Ann Street. Ring up to apartment 10. Call if you get lost or need more instructions.’

Quite a few clients get intimidated by those instructions and worry about finding me. In fact, at least two clients have done reconnaisance missions the day before a treatment, or earlier in the day, to make sure they can find it!

Some clients are not comfortable using Google Maps.

The most common issue is that clients will only read the first part of the instructions, and end up standing outside of 36 Mackey Street and not turning around to find the entrance. So far, I think no one has actually rung their bell, which is good!

The ones who really get lost are those who decide they can figure out how to find me without maps or the instructions and a few whose phones have run out of charge as they were arriving to they couldn’t use the map or find the instructions.

But in the end, my clients find me. While it’s sometimes taken a while, I don’t think anyone’s had to completely give up!

In any case, if you’re coming for a treatment, look for the entrance to the building that matches the photo above. Hope to see you soon.

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Clients come to relieve stress, anxiety and for many other issues, or to just give reiki a try to see what it does for them. Folks come from all over Sydney and elsewhere to see me. While it’s easiest to get to me from the CBD, Darlinghurst, Paddington, Kings Cross, Redfern and Potts Point, I’m pretty easy to get to from anywhere in Sydney.


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