Don’t live in regret

The most common reasons that clients come for reiki is to seek relief from stress or anxiety, or from a stressful or anxious situation. So mental health is something that I’ve come to think about a lot, and I always advise clients that a reiki treatment might help bring relief or bring some motivation for change, but for longstanding issues, reiki will only be a part of the set of choices you make to feel better about your life.

Regret is an interesting issue, and a number of clients do arrive, asking how to let go of old hurts and old wounds and how to move on from bad situations they’ve been in. Often, the situation will be in the past, but they feel that they are still having problems moving forward. So, these seems to be forms of regret.

So, I’d like to recommend this article:

6 steps to turn regret into self-improvement

It’s written by a clinical psychologist, and appears in the New York Times.

What I particularly like about the article is that it seems to practical. They are all practical steps that are within our capability to do. It just requires some commitment to do them.

And they make sense to me: do some reflection about the cause of the regret, and how you cope with regret. Use some practical techniques to change the narrative of the incident, or to coach yourself through it with empathy. More advice is to take action. If you have thoughts that are harming you that you keep repeating or returning to, she recommends interrupting them. I wouldn’t have imagined putting your face in ice-cold water as a solution, but it sounds like it works! She also recommends to take action so that you are not regretting a situation.

It seems to me to be sensible and practical advice. I learned from it.

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