One thousand treatments!

I like counting. As long as you don’t get too obsessed with a number and what it might mean, it’s a useful part of observation to be able to ask: how am I doing?

It’s part of the reason why I send follow-up emails to clients, and gently ask new clients: have you had reiki before? If so, when? If we observe our experiences, we can learn: how did a reiki treatment help me? How did it play out over the days that followed the treatment? How often should I come for a treatment?

I’ve been keeping records for myself since starting to give reiki treatments to clients professionally. It tells me how busy I’ve been and describes the always ebbing and flowing of activity.

This week, I have hit 1,000 reiki treatments! This makes me feel good. It’s a useful figure to mention to my clients, as I know many want the reassurance that I have experience and have seen a lot of people. I also think that with 1,000 treatments, the reiki room has some pretty good energy!

And it does feel significant. I’ve met clients from all over the world and all over Australia, of different backgrounds and ages, doing varied work or studies or neither, and who come for many, many reasons, some of them similar, and at times, for a reason that is completely unique to them. And as I mentioned in my last blog, boy, am I grateful. To have the privilege to be able to give so many treatments and to help many people at times of need, and to introduce them to reiki and their inner fire. It’s been wonderful. Happy 1,000 treatments to me!

Discover the gifts and benefits of a session of Japanese reiki therapy, healing energy from an experienced practitioner. Visit my website or Facebook page for more information and SMS, email, call me or book online if you’d like to make an appointment. Since 2011, I’ve given 1,000 reiki treatments.

Clients come to relieve stress, anxiety and for many other issues, or to just give reiki a try to see what it does for them. Folks come from all over Sydney and elsewhere to see me. While it’s easiest to get to me from the CBD, Darlinghurst, Paddington, Kings Cross, Redfern and Potts Point, I’m pretty easy to get to from anywhere in Sydney.

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