I try to be open

The Pantheon, Rome

Clients often ask me what I am doing exactly during a treatment.

Basically, I’m trying to be open.

As I’ve explained elsewhere, I see reiki as the same healing energy or vibration that we might look for in tai chi, qi gong, acupuncture, yoga, meditation or other practices.

Particular frequencies of the brain’s vibration are found to bring us healing. Through my training and practice, I tune into those vibrations and facilitate a client to do the same.

So my aim during a treatment is to be open to that energy, healing and vibrations.

In contrast, I think that the part of our brains used for analysis and thinking are useful for our survival, but planning for the future or pondering something in the past is not particularly healing.

So during a treatment, I’m not aiming to think. I’m not trying to diagnose a blockage or analyse why an arm might feel warmer than a leg. I’m not trying to remember what I feel so I can report it back to you at the end of your treatment.

I do ask clients how they are before the treatment and if there are particular issues they’d like to address. I don’t believe that we can achieve something just by setting our attention on it (like the book The Secret promoted years ago, in an update of The Power of Positive Thinking, and stealing the ‘Law of Attraction’ idea from Esther and Jerry Hicks), but I think it’s a good idea to be aware of our intentions and to say them aloud.

But during a treatment, I do not think ‘Now, I am healing this person’s broken heart’ or ‘I am pouring reiki energy into my client’. Who knows what really needs healing? A client might talk about wanting to get pregnant, but before that happens they may have to learn to relax. Someone might need to let go of a feeling of being hurt in the past before their shoulders can feel less tense and painful. If I decide that a client needs to be healed in a particular way, it is not being open, it is putting my own beliefs or assumptions onto a blank page, so it is not blank anymore. You can’t write your own story on it.

Reiki is about unity, wholeness, and being one. It is not about separation. So, during the treatment, I am not thinking of my client and me as separate, that I, as a reiki master, is giving reiki, or doing reiki, on a client.

I’m just trying to be open. I may, at times, lose my concentration, and wonder what the noise is outside the apartment or wonder what I am going to have for dinner. And when I notice this happening, I try to set those thoughts aside.

And be open.

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