Review: Helping to solve problems with reiki in Sydney

I think if someone wants certainty, then a reiki treatment won’t be quite right for them. Aside from setting the intent that a client will take from the client what she or he needs, there’s no guarantee that a treatment will fix a physical problem, or a worry or an issue.

But I guess that’s true of most treatments, or perhaps, most situations in life.

What I do know is that when clients give themselves the gift of a treatment, it means they are taking a positive step to do something good for themselves, and if they have an issue, a movement towards addressing that issue.

Relaxing, though perhaps problem-solving at the same time!

Relaxing, though perhaps problem-solving at the same time!

Then, by relaxing in a safe, healing space, even without the reiki, it’s a good thing for people. Most people are busy in their lives, have too much stress and don’t get enough sleep.

At the same time, I’m always pleased to hear back from clients about what their experience was. Here’s some comments from Lou, a new client. I love how her reiki treatment helped her work through some challenges and problems in her life, during the treatment, and we’ll see how it continues! I’ll ask Lou for some more feedback in the next days. Thanks, Lou, for your feedback:

‘I found it really interesting how I felt wide awake the whole time, but my mind, rather than racing (which it normally does) was very purposefully moving from challenge to challenge, and creating ways in which to solve them.  I felt very focused and calm during this process.’


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