Away 18 Feb–23 May & report from the start of 2016

The end of 2015 and start of 2016 were interesting. Clients came seeking relief from stress,  feeling like a cold was coming on, and emotional turmoil. One client reported feeling very relaxed after the treatment and as if she had big burdens lifted… but has returned after to being stressed out all the time. Another client felt neither better nor worse after the treatment. Another said she felt ‘as balanced as I can be’ and that it was an ‘excellent service’.

AndyQ_64I always find it interesting how different the results are from treatments, and am always happy if I can be of any help. I think generally I found that clients feel relaxed, or energised during the treatment, and have an interesting experience of the energy. But they may have problems maintaining that feeling of well-being after the treatment.

What I emphasise is that someone may feel different effects from a reiki treatment, even between two in the same week or month. Reiki is not a solution to an emotional, psychological or physical problem, but it may provide some help and relief. Some people find it very powerful; others can hardly feel the effects.

I think it’s a great idea if you’re called to try reiki, to try out a treatmet and see how it feels for you. It’s also useful if you can catch yourself before you’re feeling in crisis to make that appointment. If it felt good or useful during or after a treatment, then why not view it as something generally good for yourself, and that could also help head off difficult times, rather than only be used when you’re feeling really terrible.

It’s as good a time as any to say that I’m overseas soon, like last year, and will be unavailable to give treatments between 18 February and 23 May. But don’t be a stranger. Message me if you have any enquiries or want to keep in touch.


Clients come from all over Sydney to see me, and I’ve also had clients who are visiting Sydney from Melbourne, Brisbane and the Gold Coast come and see me while they’re here for business, conferences or meeting families. While it’s easiest to get to me from the CBD, Darlinghurst, Paddington, Kings Cross, Redfern and Potts Point, I’m pretty easy to get to from anywhere in Sydney. SMS, email or call me if you’d like to make an appointment.

Latest testimonial: Definitely useful.

A client sent me this wonderful testimonial to share with all of you:

‘I went to see Andy after finding his site – I was looking for Reiki treatments in the Surry Hills area of Sydney.

Andy was able to offer me flexible appointment times, and gave detailed instructions to the building, as it’s a bit of a backstreet place.

I found Andy to be welcoming and I immediately felt at ease. I had not had a Reiki treatment before, and was a little unsure as to what to expect. Andy explained that I would be lying on the treatment table, and the treatment might require touch on a particular joint or muscle, but that it would mostly be him hovering his hands over certain areas that appeared to trap a lot of energy.

I was awake, but sleepy for the treatment – and it certainly passed very quickly. It was very relaxing, and I was fascinated that I could feel heat in certain areas as the energy was being moved, and sometimes I could feel a buzzing sensation. I can’t say that I understand the treatment per se, but it certainly worked on areas of my body that needed help. For example, I had a knot in my left shoulder and felt the energy being moved from that area – and after the treatment I no longer had a knot in my shoulder. Also, Andy found issues that my body had, including tenderness in my right knee and headaches on my right temple. These areas buzzed when Andy’s hands hovered over them.

It was very precise, and I definitely felt that the treatment was useful for my body. The treatment ended, and Andy made me a cup of tea and discussed the effects of the treatment and listened to my feedback.

I left feeling very calm, and pleased that I had tried Reiki and trusted my instinct and gone to see Andy.

The treatment itself is a decent amount of time, and reasonably priced. I would definitely go to see Andy again!


Kate: Thanks so much for your feedback. I find it great to know when a treatment has helped a client, and how. Looking forward to seeing you again, when you need a treatment… Andy