Thanks for complaining

I think we all feel sometimes a little like Grumpy Cat here (a friend of Maneki-neko, the Lucky Cat). But actually, I’m quite grateful to clients who complain, even though I’m sorry that there was something to complain about.

In fact, I’d like to thank all my clients who got lost getting here, which has encouraged me step by step to figure out how I can try to prevent that. I’ve put up a photo of my building’s entrance on the ‘contact’ page of my website. And I’ve changed and reworded the instructions I send out by text many times. And most clients these days are telling me the directions are very clear!

I would like to thank my client who at the very end of the treatment, when I asked her how she felt, she admitted that her hair had been digging into the back of her head the whole treatment, and it was uncomfortable! I’m sorry she didn’t say something earlier, but now I’ve gotten into the habit of making sure all my women clients who have their hair tied up in a bun or ponytail make sure that they take it out, or adjust it before the treatment so they are perfectly comfortable.

I also have to thank my client who admitted that the ticking of my wristwatch, when my hands were next to her head, was loud enough to prevent her from relaxing! It is weirdly loud, my wristwatch. So, I never wear my watch during a treatment.

No one has actually complained yet about it but I apologise for anyone who has heard my phone ringing during a treatment when I didn’t set it to airplane mode. Every once in a while, it happens again, but I try not to forget this. Also, sometimes I have problems with the sound system, either because I’ve forgotten to charge it up, or (and this I haven’t solved yet) the speaker seems to try to connect to someone else’s phone rather than mine!

Lastly, I need to thank the client who was disappointed that the room wasn’t dark enough for her, as when she had a reiki treatment in a spa in Bali. Even when I draw the blinds, when it’s sunny and during the day, the room can be relatively bright. The other thing is that I wasn’t sure whether my clients wanted that feeling of being in a completely dark room with a stranger! I wondered if my women clients would feel more comfortable in a dark but not completely dark room. So, it took me a while to figure this one out, but now I offer my clients a cover for their eyes. For hygiene, in these days of COVID-19, I put a folded tissue over the client’s eyes, and then an airplane mask (but without attaching it completely around the head, as one client told me it was uncomfortable as the strap dug into the back of her head) and then on top of that, an eye pillow. I’ve found so far that my clients are about half and half. Some prefer to just close their eyes and might find the covering distracting, and others like the darkness! It’s up to you!

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