Various feedback and reviews

It’s always interesting for me to get feedback from my clients after their treatments. It can give you an idea of the range of results you might experience after a treatment, though at the same time, I hope it doesn’t set up particular expectations. Everyone’s experience is different!

Here’s a recent sampling:

“I feel like I am floating at the moment”

“In the days after the session, I felt kind of tired. I slept well. During the day I had some strong emotions… After a few days, I did feel more balanced. Doing well now!”

“Feeling great today!!”

“It was definitely a meditative experience. That feeling stayed with me for one to two days but has left now… but hopefully, one day I would like to feel the energy and other sensations friends report experiencing.”

“After the reiki, I felt like my body was waking up after a very long sleep”

“The session achieved the ‘re-set’ I was hoping for, so I’ve been feeling and sleeping better since.”

“I felt very much more centred and slower today. I have more clarity.”

“I find Reiki very magical, I am a strong believer that we all have the power to heal ourselves and each other, sometimes we just need a helping hand.”

“Despite it being a hectic week with a fair amount of travel and disrupted routine my energy levels feel good. I don’t seem to have the same sluggish energy level at the moment that I was experiencing.”

“I definitely felt a lightening up and good feeling.”


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