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My clients are still enjoying making bookings through Bookwell. You can access other alternative medicine, health and beauty businesses through Bookwell, and you can also find my listing for Reiki Surry Hills.

It makes sense to me: I like online booking services. It allows clients to see when I’m available, make an appointment that suits them, and if they want, pay in advance with a credit card.

Here are some of the latest reviews!

One of the reasons that I think I’m getting bookings from Bookwell is that I seem to be the only person who just gives reiki in Sydney. Other folks also offer other types of therapies.

And another reason I’m getting bookings from Bookwell is that I have great reviews!

I don’t have a way of automatically featuring them anywhere else though, so I thought I’d copy them over to a blog post! I’m really honoured that these clients have taken to give me a rating and take the time to talk about their experiences of the treatment positively.

***** (5 stars out of 5) visited March 2018
“Professional and high quality service”

***** visited January 2018
“As I have never had reiki before and really didn’t know much about it, I had no expectations. I have been weighed down for a couple of years with health issues because of a bad event. I thought I had moved on lately from this but was interested in learning more about energy work for my health. Once I was on the table, only a few minutes had gone by when all the tears I had been holding back came up, all the thoughts on this event also. I was very surprised by this but I knew that this event was the cause of my frail health. That same afternoon I felt a pleasant lightening of spirit and started to play music again. It is as though Andy’s reiki treatment has gifted me with the blessings of the devas! I now have clarity and resolution. I would put reiki way up the top of therapies to help us get through this life and shine :)”

***** visited October 2017


Discover the gifts and benefits of a session of Japanese reiki therapy, healing energy from an experienced practitioner. Visit my website or Facebook page for more information and SMS, email, call me or book online if you’d like to make an appointment.
Clients come from all over Sydney to see me, and I’ve also had clients who are visiting Sydney from Melbourne, Brisbane and the Gold Coast come and see me while they’re here for business, conferences or meeting families. While it’s easiest to get to me from the CBD, Darlinghurst, Paddington, Kings Cross, Redfern and Potts Point, I’m pretty easy to get to from anywhere in Sydney.
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