Almost famous: Reiki Surry Hills

Here is what I think is a fabulous video from January 2017:

I’ve thought for the last year that they (I won’t mention the name in case they’ve got alerts!) would delete the video but it’s still up so I might as well share it more officially with you.

You see, I got a call before the video, where they said they do neighbourhood guides, and that Reiki Surry Hills would be a nice sort of service or business to fit into it, as it’s a bit different.

So, I had this super-professional and beautiful woman drop by, Rachel Billsborough, with a very excellent camera guy, and they filmed this video (which was later edited).

Afterwards, they asked me to rent it from them for promotional purposes. I can completely see how this would work for some businesses. Videos can apparently be a really effective marketing tool, which gets way more attention than a static image or set of words. I didn’t have to arrange this or script it. It really was amazing to be given the opportunity to use this video to promote Reiki Surry Hills.

The problem though is that I don’t really have such a big business. It’s part-time work, which I fit in with my other professional work, as an editor of reports and documents, and I don’t charge a ton of money (like some places…) for the treatments. Plus, I’m getting as many clients these days as I want. So it didn’t make sense to invest money into using this video to promote my business, when I’m happy with how it’s going, and my Google Business profile, Bookwell appointment system, word-of-mouth, and repeat clients are keeping me as busy as I’d like to be.

Still, it’s a great video, isn’t it?

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