COVID-19 health precautions and reiki

Currently, as of October 2022, much has changed in terms of the NSW government guidelines for managing COVID. People no longer need to isolate, but are asked, if they have COVID, to stay at home.

So, it seems like life is almost back to normal, whatever that is. Generally, as I only see up to two clients a day (very occasionally three), and I’m the only one who gives treatments, I always considered my reiki service to be more like a visit to a friend, and very low risk of infections either from me or to me.

Still, we know that Omicron is very infectious. So:

  • If you are sick, please don’t come for a treatment. If you have a fever, cough or difficulty breathing, please seek medical care and COVID-19 testing. If you’ve made an appointment and need to cancel it, please let me know as early as possible that you’re not coming.
  • I would prefer to give treatments to clients who have been at least double-vaccinated. I won’t check your vaccination certificate though and will operate on trust. 


  • If you would like to wear a mask during the treatment, I’m happy with that but I’m also fine with you not wearing a mask.
  • I’m also fine if you would like me to wear a mask during the treatment.
  • We can take off our masks if and when we’re drinking water or tea. 

If you’ve been exposed to COVID-19 and it’s suggested that you self-isolate, please don’t come for a treatment at this time. For my part, I’ll make sure the place is clean and tidy and that my hands are washed, though I would do this during non-COVID-19 times too. Thanks for reading. Hope to see you soon.

Last updated: 12 October 2022

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