Radio interview: Is reiki legitimate if it can’t be proven to work?

I think I’ve only ever posted writing about reiki, and maybe a link to a video or two, so it’s good to be able to share this radio interview with you, in case that’s the way you like to receive information:

Can Reiki be a legitimate treatment if no one can prove how it works?

It’s an interview with Jordan Kisner for CBC radio (from Canada, my homeland). Kisner is a journalist and was really interested in finding out how reiki works, and did reiki training along the way. I think the interview is really interesting in that Kisner reports on her findings in a balanced and objective way: she didn’t find a clear explanation for how reiki works, but she also asks if it’s really necessary to know. I don’t think most people know exactly how aspirin works or a vaccine, and yet most of us put our trust in them.

I also love her reporting of the answer to the question, ‘During a reiki treatment, what are you supposed to be thinking or doing to the person being treated?’ Her reiki teacher said ‘Nothing. You’re just supposed to love them’.

I’ve found the article in The Atlantic that Kisner wrote and the interview is based on, but I’ll save that for another post!

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