My last seven clients (and a really nice review)

I often have clients, at the end of a reiki treatment, ask me ‘what’s normal to feel?’ The answer, as in much of life, is that there is no ‘normal’. As human beings, we are a remarkably diverse group.

By giving you an idea of the experiences of my latest clients though, it can show you the range of experiences you might feel, though of course, you might experience something completely unique.

This will be a mix of feedback from follow-up emails and observations at the time, and of course, spoken in general terms to not break confidentiality.

1. My latest feedback was from a client who is exploring issues from their past, and wanting to move on from them and heal. They said ‘Since the treatment I’ve felt great. I’ve noticed that I’ve felt relaxed and at ease.’

2. Another client was still hopeful that their second client would be as useful as the first, where they didn’t feel a lot at the time of the treatment, but noticed in the days afterwards that it had really helped what they had come for: grief at losing a close family member.

3. One client had a frustrating set of physical issues, somewhat mysterious, possibly the result of glandular fever. Their first treatment gave them a ton of energy. The second treatment made them feel both relaxed and really emotional. They’re still experience pain though, so there’s more to go for the healing.

4. One client received a treatment for their birthday! They felt calm after the treatment, and also a sense of ‘letting go’.

5.  Another client had extreme anxiety before some major travel: they felt dizzy and a ‘bit lost’ after the treatment, but in a good mood. They slept really well the next two days and felt more confident and relaxed.

6. A client reported that the treatment was “exactly what I needed”.

7. Another client (in fact, more than one in the last period) reported feeling sensations that they’ve never felt before in their body, so unfamiliar that they didn’t really know how to describe it. They generally found the treatment relaxing and calming, and enjoyed it, but also found the treatment strange and different.

Finally, I’d like to share with you a comprehensive review that a client, Laila, left on the Bookwell site:

Andy has supported me with his Reiki treatment during challenging times when I was seeking some stress relief and needed extra support, beyond my regular daily meditations. Even after seeing Andy my very first time and first time trying Reiki, it provided me a calm support and outlook that remained with me for two full week, despite having a really stressful week at work with new responsibilities and chaos. Normally I would have ‘freaked out’ a bit and stressed a lot, but somehow I managed to deal with it all so much better than I could imagine. I do really think the Reiki helped me cope with work. I have since then encounter further challenges and internal turbulences to work through and have found doing Reiki with Andy at those moments when I need extra support has provided relief and provided space to deal with things better. What I really appreciate about Andy’s approach and style is that he is very neutral and asks very simple yet powerful questions that makes you reflect on your experience. Andy provides a spot-on-summary after each session that captures the sentiment and experience perfectly without putting any opinions or trying to influence. I prefer this over someone telling me what to do or giving me advice based on their subjective experience. I appreciate Andy’s work and objectivity, and it is good to know there is this support availability for future challenges or if I just need to relax.

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