New postcard!

I never knew much about marketing, and it’s been fun, over the last eight years, to learn a bit, in a relaxed way, where I’m not desperately trying to get people to come for reiki treatments. Many years ago, I made my first postcard to give away. I actually did a letter-box drop in the neighbourhood. And I think I received zero clients from it. I thought potential clients would find it good to know that I’m close by, but I’m not sure the interest in reiki is enough, and I think people really hate receiving flyers in the mail these days! It was also not easy to find places to leave the postcards, and I eventually just handed them out to my clients, and sometimes, clients would take extra ones for their friends.

I think this has been most effective, as it reminds my clients, who have already hopefully had a good experience, that I’m around, and hopefully they kept the postcard up somewhere where they can see it.

I finally ran out of my old postcard, and the design was so old that I discovered it wouldn’t be easy to recreate. As you can see below, it used the old concept of a ‘Word Cloud’, which was fun at the time but I think had its moment.

So what would I do? I wanted to use one of my own photos and found one from our trip, a number of years ago, to Torres del Paine, a national park in Patagonia in Chile, one of the most beautiful places that I’ve ever been to. The photo brings me a feeling of peace and beauty and gratitude, so I hope it works for others too. Then, rather than a Word Cloud, I thought I could just make a little list.

Technology is really amazing these days, and to be able to design the postcard using, for free, and have it look so professional and pretty: I’m very happy with it. There’s just no way I could design that a few years ago with the technology available at the time. I always found Photoshop extremely difficult to use!

In any case, hope you like my new postcard, and I hope I can give you some at your next reiki treatment!

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