What do I feel? (What do you feel?)

I am trying to teach my cat to give me reiki…


One of the common questions that I get after I give a reiki treatment to a client is: ‘What did you feel?’ or ‘What did you pick up?’

In fact, I think almost half of my last clients asked this.

My answer these days is that it’s not important what I feel, it’s important what you feel, during and after a treatment.

I do know that there are many reiki practitioners and other clairvoyants and healers who give lots of specific advice. I had a client come because a random stranger came up to her and told her she had bad energy. I’ve had many clients come because someone has told them that they have a blocked chakra that needs clearing.

But now that I’ve been doing this for a long time, I really question how useful it is to tell clients something of the sort. The thing is, I’m not sure whether people really feel these different types of energy, or if it’s their egos talking. And more importantly, what does it mean? Is it useful information? The very first reiki treatment I had, a proper session rather than a ‘taster’ at a psychic fair, was in Rarotonga of all places. I asked my healer after the treatment what he felt, and he said that I was imbalanced and had more energy on one side of my body. I think I probably leaned to one side for the next few days! But seriously, what use was that information? What did it tell me in a way that helped me? Nothing. Sorry.

Similarly, if someone tells you that your heart chakra is blocked, unless you are committed to researching to find meditations or visualisations that might help with this, what are you going to do about it? You might end up going to a healer who says they can fix it! Or buy a crystal! Or wander around worrying that your heart chakra is blocked. And then: how do you know that what the person told you is true?

I also feel that the analysis mode of our brain is a different mode than the healing part. My work is to tune into the healing energy of reiki and facilitate you to do so as well. I would do a poorer job if I am trying to analyse what I’m feeling from you and then remember to tell you. And what my reiki teacher would remind me is that the real aim is oneness, to be at one with the energy and at one with my client. Giving an analysis of what *I* feel from doing a reiki treatment on *you* actually emphasises a division between us, rather than a oneness.

I really believe that our body’s energy is mysterious. Who knows if a bit of energy at your knee is actually a way to help you feel more focused at work! Or if your broken heart will feel better not by having my hands near your physical heart but at your shoulders or the top of your head. Often, what I feel is not what you feel during a treatment. So, what use is it to tell you that I felt warmth at your stomach and you didn’t? You may think that something is wrong with you that you didn’t feel the same, and spend too much time wondering about what it means to have warmth at your stomach.

I get it though! It’s a part of our human nature, to want to know something about yourselves, to try to get some useful insight. And as I said, I used to ask my reiki healers what they felt too! But these days, I tell clients that I don’t tell them what I feel during a treatment.

If you really, really want to know what I felt during your treatment,  and I have to give an answer, it will be this:

It’s different for every person, and it’s different each time, even if it’s the same person. Sometimes my hands are drawn more strongly to a position or a body part. Often it feels warm, but there are so many variations of warmth: a gentle heat, a light warmth, a more intense, hot sensation. Sometimes I’ll feel a sensation that’s tingly and a little electric. Other times, I might feel something larger, not just in my hands, but a general feeling of peace or relaxation.

But mostly, I try not to notice what I feel. As advised by my reiki teacher Frans, I aim to just keep my mind open and not analyse or interpret.

What’s important is not how I feel but how you feel, both at the time of the treatment and as the effects unfold afterwards, the same day, that evening, the next day and into the next week. If you feel positive or energised, or if you feel that the treatment addressed the reason you came: that’s the important thing.

If you really are looking for answers, then there are other types of practices – kinesiology, clairvoyance, counsellors, therapists and medical doctors – that might be able give you what you want.

If this blog felt familiar, I wrote a version of it in February 2017. But it was time for an update!


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