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While it looks like I’ve managed to teach my cat how to give me reiki… it isn’t true. But let me introduce you anyways to Thor. We actually have two cats, Russian blues, siblings: Thor, the male, and Freyja, the female, named after Norse siblings, a god and goddess. Occasionally, they will greet you at the door or peek around to look at you from outside the reiki room, especially if it is close to their dinnertime at 5pm.

But Freyja is quite shy, so you’re more likely to meet Thor. The other thing is that Thor loves the reiki room! He used to sneak in and sit quietly, but then he got bolder and if he senses that you likes cats, he’ll jump up next to you (or might already be sitting in your spot when you come into the reiki room) and then often, will fall to his side and look adorable and ask that his belly be rubbed. I think he’s ridiculously cute.

However, I’ve had to put him out of the room during the treatment (after you’ve settled in). The first time I thought I’d let him stay in the room, he jumped onto the table and licked the client’s face! He also one time jumped all the way over the table, lightly pressing his paws onto the client’s stomach as he passed. She was OK with it, but thought that I had very quick hands.

The other thing that amazes me is that Thor (and Freyja too) occasionally knows who has a cat or really likes cats. They sometimes know this before a client has even come into the apartment, and are ready to say hello right away. I always ask if they have a cat or like cats, and they say yes.

I recently had my first clients who were allergic to cats, which led me to post this information on my website (and be better prepared). If you are allergic to cats, don’t worry. Just warn me in advance. I will vacuum the room especially before you come, make sure Thor hasn’t touched the towel and sheet on the reiki table and will keep him out of the room for a period before your treatment, and wash my hands an extra time before the treatment. It would also help if you take an antihistimine or other allergy medicine before you come, just in case.

Some people ask whether the cats like reiki! Thor and Freyja like being touched which is pretty much the same thing. When I’ve tried to give them reiki, they usually shrug it off and go away. However, some animals love reiki, and I have a few friends who specialise in animal reiki, for example, Bronwen at the International House of Reiki (here’s one of her posts about animal reiki) in the Blue Mountains, Deborah in Melbourne who offers animal reiki treatments in person (Note: as of 2023, Deborah has moved to Perth. Sorry) and at a distance and Vicki in the Northern Beaches of Sydney.

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