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What a strange period in the world, which none of us expected.

I had to close down Reiki Surry Hills for three months, and when I opened again, I could see that we’re all taking it slowly and cautiously in the ways we re-engage with the world. Even though I had a list of people who said to contact them to tell them when I reopened, most of them haven’t come back yet.

On the other hand, I sent out a newsletter around that time, and so it was nice to see clients from a long time ago, who were reminded of reiki by the newsletter, and decided it was time for another treatment.

It’s been a long time since I’ve shared my latest reviews with you. I’m always grateful when clients leave me reviews. I believe it helps others to understand what a reiki experience might be like, and I know people can feel from the reviews that they are honest and authentic (unlike some other reviews up on the internet).

So, as before, THANK YOU, to my clients for these reviews. Here are some from Facebook:

In February, Ila shared:

🌟 Andy is very professional and makes you feel totally at ease. The treatment was amazing, very healing and is highly recommended!

And Basel said:

🌟 I have done Reiki before many times around the world with different Reiki practitioners and my session with Andy was the most powerful session I had ever experienced. I look forward to my next session and seeing how the next few days unfold. Thank you Andy, I am grateful for our session.

Akshata, in July (actually, she posted this on my birthday, which was a nice gift!), wrote:

🌟 Andy is very professional, thorough in communications and very calm composed during the session. He advises well and also follows up after the session. The place has a nice soothing positive aura. The treatment/session and music was very relaxing. Thank you SO much, Andy! Definitely Recommended!

On Bookwell, my booking service, clients shared the following:

Samantha Visited July 2020

What a beautiful experience. This was my first time for Reiki and I now understand why I was drawn to Andy. The beautiful and pure energy I experienced was something out of this world. I felt so safe and finally surrendered to the present moment, and was able to succumb to such a deep meditation with an array of feelings and new sensations. The deep internal peace, serenity and calm I feel after my session, I simply cannot put into words because I have never experienced such oneness with myself. Thank You Andy for sharing your gifts with the world and guiding me within. I truly look forward to returning to your divine space.

Madeleine Visited July 2020

Andy is wonderful. His space is lovely, calming and very soothing. I look forward to coming again πŸ™‚

Beatriz Visited February 2020

Amazing! I feel really good after the treatment, simply recommended

Tim Visited February 2020

My reiki session with Andy was my first ever reiki experience and it was truly wonderful. I became so relaxed during the session that afterwards I felt as though I had sunken into the table. I had a profound experience midway through the session where I felt as though my body had dissolved and merged with all of the other energy in the room – the furniture, the music, the ceiling fan, even Andy himself. It was an incredible feeling of oneness. I was overwhelmed by feelings of peace and gratitude. In the hours following the session, I felt a bit physically/emotionally drained, however that night I slept incredibly well and in the days following my session I felt a renewed sense of balance, inner peace, and joy. I believe reiki has incredible healing potential and I highly recommend it to anyone considering giving it a try. Andy’s reiki treatment in Surry Hills is the perfect way to start (or continue) your healing journey.

Ibtissem Visited January 2020

After this Reiki session, I am feeling so good and centres with myself 😊 I went to help with sleeping issues and I have been sleeping deeply, and feeling fresh when waking up since. Andy is really nice and answered all my questions about Reiki. I recommended him to my friend, as I think he is a great Reiki Master.

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