What if anxiety is our friend?

The most common reason clients come for a reiki treatment is for anxiety. So I found this recent New York Times article by Alicia Clarke interesting: how can we harness anxiety and see it as something that is useful?


The article says that too much anxiety isn’t healthy, but no anxiety at all is not good (sociopaths for example).

She recommends that we think of anxiety as a signal, a useful one, to pay attention to what is causing us stress, and look for a solution.

We can also relabel ‘anxiety’ to think of it in a more positive way. If you’re nervous about something, you could think of it as nerves about how WELL it might go, rather than how badly.

Finally, she advises to aim for the ‘sweet spot’ where we use our anxiety as a friend (for example, to meet a deadline, or do something we’ve been putting off) rather than letting it overwhelm you.

I think it’s all good advice, and an invitation to look at the big picture. If a client comes for anxiety, and the cause is, say, a bad boss at work, or having to move apartments, then reiki alone isn’t going to help.

Still, I have had clients report back that a reiki treatment may help them be more relaxed, or deal with the anxiety better, or even have some inspiration about how to deal with it.

If you do have problems with anxiety, I encourage you: Ask if anxiety can be your friend. Try to allow some anxiety be useful for your life. And then for the anxiety that is uncomfortable and painful and not useful: explore different options so that you can find the set of solutions that will help you feel more calm and capable of dealing with life’s regular pressures and stress.

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